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About Lizzy

Hi, I'm Lizzy and I live in Llandrindod Wells, which is in the middle of Wales. I love it here because everyone knows each other and it is generally a safe place to live. I have lived here since I was young and this is where I consider my home. My close family and friends live here and they are ones who have been my support network. I would not be as fortunate as I am today to be in this position without their love and support. It has made me who I am today!

As well as having the support of my family and friends, I believe I'm here as its where God has placed me. I believe He has a plan for every single person and the plan He has for me is to reach out to the young generation. I have a desire to see them discover God for themselves, what they mean to Him, what He means to them to and what it means to be the men and women of God made them to be.

I became self employed when I finished college a year ago and now I work full-time from home. The journey started off by me writing kids church material for churches across the UK selling. In 6 months, I had 14 sales in 12 churches across Wales, England and Scotland. I went on to write a devotional for teenage girls which was released in March this year. I am now committing myself to writing resources for kids and young people because that's what I have a heart for, where I believe my strengths lie and where I believe God is leading me.

Other than spending time on my business, I also help out with the kids and youth work at the church I attend. I enjoy doing it because I love children and young people and I want to make a difference where I am. I teach the kids church once a month. I read them a Bible story, do some worship songs, play a game and do a craft. I am also on the youth team which means I help with a youth group on a Sunday once a month and every week at youth club on a Friday. The sessions are very different. Friday nights are about building relationships with the young people and having fun. Whereas, Sunday mornings are more about plugging into the Bible and encouraging them in their faiths.

I love being able to chill when I have the time. However, I'm not someone who can just sit around and do nothing. In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with family and friends and being creative in whatever ways I can. I go for coffee and walks with my friends and l like watching TV with my family. I am also very good at drama, drawing and writing. I love performing in plays onstage and drawing animals and cartoons, just for fun.

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